Everybody wants to be


Cream. It all started with cream. We were lazing in the garden in a pleasant fug of alcohol and pot smoke watching the last trickle of sunlight fade from the summer sky when Ed remembered that we’d forgotten the dessert he’d had planned for after the barbecue. He reluctantly heaved himself up and went inside, emerging with a large punnet of strawberries and a big tub of thick double cream.

Of course there was nothing to eat them with as every piece of crockery and cutlery in the kitchen was now in a tottering post-party tower in the sink. Seizing the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive I took a strawberry, dunked it in the gloopy white liquid and waved it suggestively at the rather attractive man lolling next to me.

He gazed at me from under heavy dark lids and opened his mouth. I ran the fruit over his bottom lip, leaving a trail of cream, and then pushed the whole thing in. He murmured with pleasure as he bit down releasing the sweet juice and I chuckled.

Everyone agreed that it seemed a diverting game and soon we were all feeding each other strawberries in this manner.

Inevitably the conversation turned once more to kinky sex. It doesn’t take much.

"You know," I said dreamily, to nobody in particular, "the one thing I could never understand is all that pretending to be animals. You know, puppies and ponies and stuff. I never really fancied that."

My strawberry recipient turned his languid gaze on me again. "No?" he asked.

Ed interrupted. "It’s because dogs and horses are such submissive animals," he said. "They’re perfect metaphors for two different types of submissive human behaviour. The dog wants to do whatever it can to please its master. It lives for praise. The horse has to do what it’s told too, but it doesn’t like it, it has to be broken and forced to behave."

I leaned over and patted Ed’s head, ruffling his soft hair. "I know sweety," I said. "But they’re just not that attractive as animals go. If you’re going to role-play an animal, I think you should make it a sexy one."

"Like what?" strawberry guy asked, blinking slowly.

"I dunno..."

The corner of his mouth twitched and he ran his tongue along his bottom lip in a knowing gesture.

"Oh," I said, getting his meaning. "Oh really?"

He raised his eyebrows.

"Now cats, " I said, turning to Ed. "Surely there’s no more sexy animal than the cat? "

"Hm, " he mulled it over, grinning at me as I began to stroke strawberry guy’s long black hair, encouraging him to lean back against my thighs. "But there’s nothing submissive about a cat. They’re so independent. They don’t care about serving their masters. You couldn’t dominate a cat. "

"The cat who walks by himself," I mused, kneading my fingers into the guy’s scalp and making him close his eyes blissfully and lean his head back for more. "It’d make for a good switchy scene though. You know, two cats. Who’d have the power?"

Ed smiled. "I wonder, " he said. Then he turned away from us and began chatting to the two red-headed girls lounging next to him.

I leaned over the guy in my lap close enough that I could taste the strawberries lingering on his breath. I flickered my tongue out quickly across his bottom lip. He opened his eyes, his pupils large and dark with desire.

"Shall we um, move inside? " I suggested.

He nodded, smiling, and slowly got to his feet.

I grabbed up the pot of cream and walked behind him into the house, enjoying running my gaze over his body. Black jeans and T-shirt hugged his slim frame. His arms were pale and toned and his feet were bare. He moved gracefully, his long hair down his back glinting blue-black in the moonlight. My skirt swished around my ankles as I followed him up the steps.

We made our way upstairs to my empty bedroom. He closed the door gently behind us and turned to look at me, standing by the bed. I leant over, put the cream on the bedside table and lit the lamp. The voices of the group outside reached us, muffled, through the open window, along with occasional wafts of sultry summer breeze. I slid a CD into the stereo. An undulating melody swept into the room accompanied by a male voice and a regular whispering cymbal beat.

We locked eyes for a minute or more, still both feigning nonchalance. He gave in first and reached over to me, pulling me towards him. As his lips met mine I shoved him back against the door hungrily pressing my mouth against his, invading it with my tongue, biting his bottom lip as I pulled away, then leaning in for more.

He returned the kiss just as fiercely, forcing his head back from the door and walking me over to the bed as we explored each others mouths. When the backs of my calves hit the bed, he pushed me so that I fell down onto the duvet and stood above me smiling knowingly. I thrust my chin out and gazed up at him, daring him to make the next move.

He knelt down on the bed, with one leg between mine and one to the side. Like this he made his way slowly up my body. As he reached my hips he pressed his knee gently but firmly against the place between mine which had already begun to throb. He took hold of my vest and yanked it up my chest and over my head. He looked down at my naked torso, tanned golden apart from a white strip across my breasts. My nipples already stood out hard and pink like the inside of the strawberries. He sighed with pleasure at the sight and ran one hand slowly down from my jaw to the curve of my hips. I arched up towards him, enjoy his cool touch on my hot skin. He lowered his mouth and ran a series of light kisses up from my belly to my neck as I squirmed beneath him.

His kisses became heavier, tracing a curve down around my breasts, spiralling in until his lips came to rest of one of my nipples. He glanced up to meet my eyes and then bit down hard. I moaned and arched my body again, grinding my hips into his thigh. He sucked and bit and I threw back my head and gasped. Then he was on the other breast, holding it in his hand and scattering small bite-marks all around the soft pale flesh there.

I gave into the feeling for a few moments, sighing and wriggling at the harder bites. But I didn’t want the whole scene to play itself out like this. Summoning my strength I waited till he came up for breath and then shoved up, flipping him over onto his back and straddling him.

He was shocked at the sudden change in situation. I leaned down so my mouth was next to his ear. ‘My turn,’ I whispered, grabbing his T shirt and dragging it off him. His chest was perfect: pale and defined with a light dusting of hair down the middle. I stroked my fingers down it enjoying the feel of his smooth skin. He closed his eyes happily.

While he couldn’t see what I was doing I took up the pot of cream from the bedside table. It was still cool from the fridge, tiny droplets of water coating the surface of the plastic container. Before he could check what I was doing I tipped up the pot and allowed a long trail of the cold liquid to fall along his chest and belly.

He squealed and jumped at the cold touch, his eyes snapping open in surprise. When he saw what it was he smiled and let out a contented noise, somewhere between a mew and a purr. I grinned and allowed more cream to dribble a line across his chest, joining the nipples, then another line lower down, just above the waist band of his jeans, from one hipbone to the other.

Grinning at him I lowered my head, keeping eye contact until the last moment when my tongue darted out to lap up the cream at his neck and follow the trail down to his waist. I kissed and licked my way down his body, his accompanying moans becoming more urgent as I got close to his groin. I could feel the heat as I leant my chin there to lick the cream from his waist. I followed the line of liquid across to his side, just above his hips: my favourite spot. Once there I couldn’t resist biting down on the yielding flesh. He arched and mewed again. I chuckled. "You like that huh? "

He murmured, and I traced my lips tenderly across his body to the other side. He flinched, anticipating the bite, but I placed a couple of soft kisses there and giggled at his false expectation. As soon as he’d relaxed I sank my teeth in hard. His response was more growl than purr this time.

I bit and kissed and licked my way over his belly and up to his neck and down the other side, noting the places that elicited the most interesting noises from him. I felt like purring myself. "I’m rather enjoying this conducted tour, " I murmured. "How about you? "

He nodded enthusiastically and mewed once more.

Moving up his body again I reached his nipple, still coated with cream. I teased it with my tongue and taunted him with tiny nibbles, making him guess when I’d bite. He groaned and brought his hands up to my shoulders to push me back and end the unbearably tantalising sensation. I grabbed his hands and roughly pushed them back to the bed, one each side of his head. A warning look flickered across my gaze. I brought my face up to his and spoke in his ear again. "Lie still, " I ordered, bit his earlobe hard and then returned my attention to his chest.

But I should have remembered that cats are notoriously impossible to control. As soon as I loosened my grip on his wrists his hands were back on my arms, but instead of pushing me back, this time they pulled me in, crushing my breasts against his skin and coating me with the remaining cream in the process.

I cried out in protest, but with a twist of his hips I was on my back again with him sitting over me grinning down at me and holding my hands in much harder grip than my own.

"Oh dear, " he laughed as I struggled to escape and got nowhere. Then he lowered his face and roughly kissed and licked the cream off my breasts as I tossed and wriggled beneath him. He brought his mouth up to my upper arm and sunk his teeth in hard till it really hurt. I winced and whimpered until he released his grip. He smiled cockily. "Ready to behave if I let you go? " he asked.

I pouted, but nodded an ascent.

He let go of my arms and got up off the bed. Then grabbing the top of my skirt and knickers together he removed them in one smooth motion, leaving me completely naked.

I didn’t mind being exposed though. I purred with pleasure at the light breeze across my skin. He frowned at me, but I just stretched my arms and legs out and rolled my shoulders ecstatically.

He narrowed his eyes and then let out a sigh of exasperation. This wasn’t the response he’d expected. I sat up lazily and reached out for the top of his jeans. He couldn’t help but move forward to let me slowly unbutton them and let them drop to the floor, his shorts quickly following.

He stepped out of his clothes and came towards me, trying to retain some of the dominant position he’d attained. Sitting beside me he brought his hand up to my cheek and traced a hard line down to my jaw with a fingernail. I moaned in pleasure as he repeated the process down my body and across my chest. However hard he scratched I didn’t give any sign of being in pain, smiling up at him enigmatically.

Finally he gave in and leaned in to kiss my mouth. Quickly I rolled out from under him and stood up on the bed pushing him down so he was lying on his stomach with me lying on top of him. His head was twisted to the side. I brought my face down close to meet his gaze.

"That’s more like it, " I said. And I brought my hand up in front of his eyes so he could see that my fingernails were quite a lot longer than his. His eyes widened in something approaching fear and I laughed.

I stroked his hair out of the way and placed my fingers gently on the back of his neck, flexing them slightly so the nails dug in. He winced and let out a scared mew. I held him there, poised for a long minute or two, then finally scraped my nails right down his spine. He cried out and then growled like a lion as four long pink stripes rose up in the wake of my hand.

"Mm, pretty, " I commented.

Immediately, I scratched my hand fast across his shoulder-blades, leaving even deeper marks there, and then back across his waist. He bucked and writhed beneath me, but I gripped my thighs tight around the tops of his legs, finally bringing my hand to rest on one perfect buttock and digging my nails in cruelly.

Finally I loosened my hold and let him turn over beneath me. He was panting, his expression hungry, and his erection hard and hot. I smiled and held it in my hand, bending over him to flicker my tongue around the most tender parts.

He growled again and removed my hand roughly, throwing me down on the bed and standing up again. He gazed at me from under heavy lids, his eyes fogged with desire, matching mine. He raised his eyebrows, taking in my whole body and murmured "may I? "

I arched towards him, "please..." and pointed to the box of condoms sitting on the bedside table.

As he put one on I rolled over on my front, pressing my hips into the mattress, needing the pressure against my pulsing clit.

Suddenly he was on top of me, pressing my thighs apart so that he could enter me. Once he was inside me, I closed them again so he straddled my hips and I could wriggle my hand beneath me to increase the force between my legs.

He leant over me, his breathing hot and heavy, occasional mewing, growling sounds escaping his lips. As our thrusts grew more urgent and desperate he closed his mouth over the back of my neck and bit down. I threw back my head as a shuddering, shivering orgasm shook through first me and then him, and we cried out loud together.

Sated he sank down, rolling out of me and onto his side, pulling me into him so we lay like spoons as our breathing steadied.

Eventually I turned to face him, beaming broadly. He chuckled. "That was, um, very feline, " he said, and I started giggling too.

When our laughter had finally subsided we got up and scrabbled around for our clothes which seemed to have dispersed themselves to every corner of the room. Ruffled and crumpled we made our way downstairs and out to where the gang still lay out on the grass, spliff butts glowing in the dark.

When we got near enough to make out faces in the moonlight I sought out Ed. He glanced up at me, a question in his eyes. I met his gaze blissfully, smiling like a... well, you know.

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