On Display

She walked ahead of me down some stone steps and out onto the courtyard. She always carried herself well, kept her head up, confident. I was watching the hem of her red print dress as it flapped up in the breeze to reveal her firm, muscular calves. This dress, one of my favourites, had a low cut back which showed off her shoulder blades, and I found myself looking there too. She half turned and gave me her profile, finely sculpted and exquisite.

I took her hand as she held it out behind her and I squeezed it. We let go hands again. Her lips gave the merest suggestion of a smile. To be young and in love, eh?

All the troops. They were standing in perfectly parallel lines and all looking straight ahead. At a glance I guessed there were thirty or forty. Their Sergeant-whatever, the shouting guy, he introduced us and went into his preamble, how whatever we said went, and there was to be no messing us around.

Two of us. Loads of them. Getting our first looks at each other.

(They were chosen from before birth to be part of this, the army lot. I've often wondered about how it feels to be selected like that. Pretty lonely, I think. Mostly they don't talk about it, they just want to learn from us.

I grew up surrounded by chaos, lots of noise and lots of people. We all had our own plans but we knew we'd have to be damn lucky to get anywhere. Now I'm a sex educator working for the government. It's a position that commands much respect, though historically I gather this wasn't always the case.)

"Tomorrow evening those of you wishing to apply for a tutorial must register your applications with me. Candidates successful in the first stage of selection will be informed by twenty two hundred hours and briefed from there." barked the Sergeant.

He asked Kira if she had anything else to add. Well he looked at us both and asked but I let her deal with it. She said "yes". They were all still standing rigid and their eyes obediently fixed on her, waiting for what she was going to say. And she looked back a while, not to be hurried into it.

The day was bright. The air was cold.
We had all the time in the world.

She put her hand on my shoulder and turned me to face her, not pulling me close as we might do in private, not the crushing hug and animal warmth, but just this precise distance apart where she could reach me without having to stretch. She raised her hand. I watched it against the sky for a second before she brought her palm crashing down into my cheek. She did this with a "Ha!" and a brilliant smile. I didn't stumble I stood and took it and if the troops reacted I didn't hear them.

She held my reddened cheek in a pinching grip and pushed my head back. I was gasping a little because of the angle my neck was at and also because I was so turned on. She pulled open the front of my top and brutally yanked up my bra to reveal my breasts. I felt my nipples harden in the open air.

She was grinning at the line of blank faces in front of us. Her fingers squeezed and kneaded my breasts cruelly. She pulled me closer a moment and putting her foot between mine gave a swift kick to my ankle to part my legs. Then she brought her knee up and pushed my crotch down onto it. Close and tight she made me ride her thigh, pushing it up into me, pushing me down, the movement small but fast. The sergeant guy was smiling as he watched and rocked on his heels.

When she did this it always aroused me pretty quick. With all of them watching, her magic worked even sooner. Just short of what would have been my orgasm she let me go and pushed me down so I was kneeling at her feet. She grabbed a handful of my hair near the nape of my neck and pulled me to her, just like a mummy cat picks up her kitten by the scruff. My arms and legs were scrabbling on the concrete. I guess I didn't want to get my knees grazed. Then down at her feet, almost between her legs I landed and settled to listen to her issuing her challenge.

"You've seen how she likes it! You've seen how I like it!" her voice echoing round the courtyard. I don't think anyone dared breathe. "We're only here for two weeks, guys and gals, so any of you who are up for this stuff had better not be shy about it."

I looked up through my messed up hair and I could see them all still standing there. No emotion from those faces, so well trained.


"Training can be good but what I really get off on is breaking it" she said later, when we were showering and getting ready for phase two.

"How d'you mean?"

"Well," she came over and sponged me down with some cleanser, turned the water up a little warmer, "I can teach you to do all sorts of tricks for me, make you submit, perform, behave. And still the thing that satisfies me most is when you're freaked out or fucking up, especially if I've trained you so well then done something that just throws you, honey."

I recognised immediately what she was talking about. Something flushed inside me, almost anger? I turned my back on her and bit my lip. My defiance went unnoticed and my back got scrubbed.

She made quick work of getting me clean, we were running late. We dressed in identical silver shorts and tight white tops and there was no time to speak to her more or to hold her before we had to go.


The selection room in this case was along an unlit corridor, down some steps and into a gloomy basement. I have always hated the dark but at least it was warm down there.

She reached the foot of the staircase before me, called "Ooooo, come and look!" I clung onto the banister and took the metal staircase one step at a time.

By the time I reached the bottom she was standing in the middle of the floor shrouded in a greenish glow. I looked where she was pointing. At the other end of the room were our candidates for sexual tuition, standing in separate glass booths that were arranged in a semi-circle, each bathed in green light. Eyes ahead and hands by their sides.

I ran to join her and waved my hand across the glass in front of one of their faces. "Can they see us?" I asked, "Might be one of those mirrors, so we can see them but they can't see out."

She didn't answer but 'yes' and 'no' were equally possible.

We could ask one of them when we'd chosen.

"Successful applicants," said she, mimicking the sergeant, "will proceed to the selection room having removed their uniform and all other clothing. There they must enter the numbered booths and stand to attention."

Nakedness. Stark, bare, unadorned. I began to wonder how attractive anyone could really be without any clothes on. They seemed to look pretty much the same, even the men and the women. Their hair was shorn, just an ungraspable length remaining and their bodies all lean and muscular. Individual differences like the length of the nose, the angle of the jaw were lost in the overwhelming uniformity.

There were quite a few of them, perhaps half the assembly we'd met the first day. Two buttons on the front of each booth marked 'Yes' and 'No', crude and simple.

"I should make you stand to attention," muttered Kira in my ear.

"This guy is" I smiled, pointing to an erect penis I'd noticed.

Kira wrinkled up her nose even as she laughed.

Then we saw one who wasn't standing like the rest, which was weird 'cause I could've sworn they were all the same when we came in.

She was a bit shorter than the others, she had her hips thrust at an angle and her chin up, very cocky. But best of all was the fact that she'd put her hands on her head and was sticking out her tongue.

"Mmmm, cheeky!" I exclaimed. Kira thumped the front of the booth. "She must be able to see us, must do" The girl's eyes still stared vacantly ahead. "What do you think?"

My hand hovered over the button marked "Yes". The soldier girl was a bit prettier than Kira and shorter of course but otherwise they looked very much alike. She obviously had some idea what we were about from the way she'd arranged herself in her booth.

"Do you want her, Babe?" Kira asked me, "Want her on your own?"

It was our first session here, I hadn't done it with anyone but Kira for a while and I wanted her around. Maybe another night I'd be alone with this one.

"You like her too, don't you? Let's do her together." I said.

"We'll see." Kira put her hand over mine and we both pressed the button.

For a moment it seemed like nothing was happening. The door to the booth stayed put and the light inside stayed on. Then I noticed the girl had shifted a bit and was looking up into our eyes. If she hadn't been able to see us before, she could now. Her pink tongue withdrew between her lips and she blinked a few times.

"Can you hear me?" asked Kira. The girl nodded.

"Ok, so listen. How do we get you out?"

I rolled my eyes as the girl took her hands off her head and pushed the door from inside; it swung open easily.

Undecidedly, maybe nervous, she leaned against the wall of the booth and put her hands back on her head, stuck out her tongue again and wiggled it. Kira hugged me from behind, ran her fingers through my hair. "Go in and fetch her," she ordered.

I was curious to see what the booth would be like inside. The metal floor was cold against my bare feet. The light hurt my eyes a bit. And the booth was deeper into the wall than it looked from outside. The soldier girl was a step away from me.

"Hello You. Got a name?" I whispered to her.

She seemed to shiver a little as I put my hand up to touch her cheek.

"Natasha" came her faint reply. All that cockiness gone.

I put my hand on Natasha's arm to guide her out. Her skin was soft. Her eyes big and brown and only a little defiant.

High on fear. She was about to move forward and come with me when I heard a loud 'Clunk', which made the floor shudder.

Natasha stiffened and I reeled round to see Kira laughing through the glass door of the booth, which she had just slammed shut (with me and the girl still inside).

I suppose we could've escaped but when Kira wants something done her way.

Now she ran around to some of the other booths and pressed buttons to allow the candidates inside a good view of what was going on. "Lesson number one, people! Unfortunately it's only visual at this stage, except for one of you." she shouted, "If you could cast your eyes towards my assistant and the lovely Natasha here. Thank You."

The soldier guys and gals looked at us from where they stood in their illuminated boxes. No one tried to get out even though they must've known they could. The situation took a while for me to register. My first thoughts were about what she'd make us do.

"Swap places, you two!" Kira told us.

I put my hands on Natasha's shoulders and we shifted round so that I had my back to the back wall and Natasha stood in front of me. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded.

"No talking unless I say," warned Kira, "Natasha, if my naughty girl utters another word without my permission, I want you to slap your hand very hard across her cheek. Like you saw me doing in the yard earlier. Will you do that?"

Natasha nodded again.

In my head a contest between anger and fear. Natasha, sweet scared thing, but braver than me, she looked confident with her little bit of responsibility. Kira began telling her to do things to me, "because I know what she likes, Natasha."

There were straps hanging from the ceiling and Natasha gently slipped my hands into them and tightened them. A similar arrangement on the floor spread my legs apart and anchored them.

"We've got ages, Natasha, so remember to take your time. Shift up her top, place your hands on her breasts and have a feel, that's it, aren't the nipples nice and soft? Now give them a good hard squeeze. Come on, Natasha, a bit harder than that."

Natasha dug her fingers firmly into the soft flesh of my breasts.

She looked at my face with interest. A little harder. I winced. She seemed to decide I could take more and clenched her hands so tight they were almost fists. "Yeeow." I gasped. Natasha let go and gave my cheek a hard slap. I frowned at her.

"She said not to talk" was my pretty tormentor's explanation.

I watched Kira looking smug and gleeful as Natasha bent forward to kiss my sore breasts and trace the marks her fingers had made with her nimble tongue. She took my nipple into her mouth and flicked her tongue across it. That felt good, that felt sooo good. Natasha was a natural.

"Pain can be highly erotic, people. There are certain painful things Natasha can do to my assistant which will not cause her any lasting harm but which will get those pussy juices flowing" said Kira, "Furthermore they can lead to altered states of consciousness. Use your teeth now, Natasha. Bite her hard, not so hard that you draw blood, but fairly hard. Anywhere you like below the neck."

The girl took her time. She moved away, took her hands off me and looked me up and down. So much flesh, which piece to take? Finally she knelt on the floor, undid my shorts and after teasing my bony hip with a few wet kisses she sank her pearl white teeth into the top of my leg.

The pain seared into me and I felt like screaming. My hands clenched the straps above me as I tried not to make a noise. Natasha let go her grip and the pain increased for a moment, my flesh aching fiercely. When the sensation had died down to a dull throb I wanted more and she obliged with another bite to the side of my stomach, just as intense as the first. I guess Kira was talking again but I couldn't focus to listen.

Natasha moved up my body taking tiny nips of my skin bitten hard between her front teeth. Then down again rubbing her soft haired shaven head against my breasts and belly, she got between my legs and rubbed herself there too. "Oh my G..." I began to say. SLAP! Natasha's hand across my cheek. She looked cross.

"You put me off!" she said with a scowl.



Natasha's cute little face lit up with her laughter. Then she pressed herself close to me and hugged me.

"Want to hold me, don't you?"

I nodded.

"Can't." she said into my ear, and yes, that made me even more desperate to take her in my arms.

How much of this was Kira's direction and how much was the little vixen making it up on her own?

Natasha's lips were big and soft. She planted wet caresses all around my neck, which made me tremble. Then her nails, not long but long enough and firm, I felt them ripping my skin all the way down to my buttocks - ten little razor blades. I took that ok but then she took her nails on their deep etching journey again and my back was so sore, please let that be the last time or I'd have to make this stop. Some reprieve! Natasha put full force behind the slaps she gave across my already reddened breasts. My nipples took most of the sting, and then she was holding them pinching them, twisting and pulling.

I could hear screaming a million miles away. My sore throat when she stopped a moment told me that it had been me. Seemed I could get away with making some noise so long as none of my utterances were actual words.

Natasha, the quiet girl of not so long ago, however now had plenty to say. She put her hand across my eyes and pressed herself close. "She says I can do whatever I want to you, Baby. Now will I be nice?" Her other hand across my face too. Just these gentle caresses and her full lips her beautiful lips, so warm on mine. Whispering into my mouth.

I was waiting for more pain but it had stopped. I was braced for the next blow, which did not come, even when I whispered her name. She stopped me with a kiss, holding my head like she'd always been my lover. She stroked my arms so gently and freed my hands from the straps.

"enough for our first evening, although I will be carrying on this lesson next session." Kira. She had her back to us and was talking to them.

Still, I thought twice about taking the delightful Natasha in my arms and instead stood obediently to attention, waiting for further orders. Natasha, the army girl, did no such thing herself. She kept trying to distract me with her newfound talents and erotic touches.

I looked at the booths. Little had changed. Erection guy had spent his load against the glass door. Had he used his hands at all?

"deactivate your booths and then you are free to go as soon as your superiors say."

Now Natasha was watching too as Kira went to each of the other booths and pressed a button on the front. Some of the soldiers yawned inside, some stretched and others stayed the same. Show over. One booth she went back to and we watched her yank the door open. A dark haired lad stepped out, nervously. She brought him over to us, holding his hand.

"Got my entertainment sorted out for the rest of the night," she grinned. "Now as for you two"

She looked me in the eye and smiled, pursed her lips to blow me a little kiss.

"Like I said, do what the fuck you want, Natasha. Don't make her kneel for too long, she gets cramp. Hell, I know you'll be gentler on her than I would be so why am I worrying? If she says 'Mercy' she means 'stop' and one more thing, which is an ORDER!"

Natasha jumped as Kira raised her voice.

"Don't give her an orgasm until she's given you one, or a few if you're smart, because once she's come, she's useless."

With that parting advice Kira reached for the button on the front of the booth. "Goodnight sweets!"

Natasha buried her head on my shoulder. It made a pretty picture in the mirror that was now in front of us.

"Gonna undo your feet now," she purred, "gonna let you free and see what you can do."

It was going to be a long night.

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