Every Day

Part 2
Previously in "Every day I write the book"
Our heroine is a writer of sadomasochistic sex stories who has been kidnapped by three men in a black car while trying to walk off her writerís block. She tried to escape but was recaptured, blindfolded and brought to a barn in the middle of nowhere. When the blindfold was removed she discovered that two of her captors were characters from her stories.


Alex grinned at me. "Have you figured it out yet love? "
I looked at him, but I couldnít place him as I could the other two. This didnít make any sense. I gazed at Tony and Jonathan, my mouth open in bewilderment. "Theyíre... from my stories. "
Alex laughed sarcastically. "Well done. "
"But how? How can that be? This isnít possible. "

Tony looked at me levelly. His grey eyes were angry and I shivered a little.
"Believe it, " he said. "We tracked you down on the internet. It wasnít easy but Iím good at that kind of thing thanks to you. "

I remembered my story about Tony the computer geek super villain at the mercy of my female secret agent. I shook my head again, beginning to feel angry myself. "How could you trace me? You donít even exist. "

"We do exist. " Jonathan said quietly.
"You donít. " I snapped. "Youíre fucking fictional characters. Youíre not even my fictional character. I borrowed you from somebody else. "
He shrugged. "I donít know, " he said. "These guys phoned me up and said they needed a driver. "
"What? This is insane. Iím getting out of here. "

I began to make for the door, but Alex blocked my way. "Oh no, " he said "the funís only just beginning. Youíre not going anywhere. "

"Fun? What fun? What is this about? "
Tony answered. "Weíre going to get our own back. "
"For what? "
"For what you did to us in your stories. "

Several images came to mind, involving candle wax and handcuffs and riding crops. Tony nodded as if reading my mind. "You humiliated us and abused us, so weíre getting our revenge. "

Jonathan nodded. "Yeah. "

I glanced from one of them to the other. "I donít remember either of you complaining. " I pointed out.
Tony blushed. "We didnít have any fucking choice, " he growled.
Jonathan stammered, "yeah. We couldnít do anything about it. You just did whatever you wanted. "
"I didnít, " I shouted. "I wasnít in the stories. I just wrote them. I didnít do anything to you. "

Alex joined the conversation, his lip twitching in amusement "Yeah right, " he said. "It wasnít you, it was Jude right, or what was the other one called? Mary? Please, anyone could see through those thin disguises, they even both had long brown hair, just like you. Your fiction is pathetic wish-fulfilment and you know it. You canít do it in reality so you do it in your books, am I right? "

I turned on him. "Who the fuck are you anyway, " I demanded. "I donít remember writing you into any of my stories. Youíre far too annoying for a start. "
He raised his eyebrows at me. "Oh Iím hurt. You really donít remember me at all. We go way back, you and I. "

I examined him carefully. "Nope sorry, " I said, matching his sarcasm. "I doubt I invented you. I donít go in for brainless beefcake. I like my guys cute and malleable, " I gestured dismissively at the other two.
Tony took a step towards me at this, the rage in his eyes looked like it was reaching boiling point.
"Back off, " Alex and I said simultaneously. Tony ignored me, but Alex seemed to have some kind of control over him, and he stopped.

Alex snorted. "Brainless beefcake? Is that what you make of me? Now I really am hurt. You used to be way into guys like me, " he paused, "before you found your so-called dominant side that is. "
"Huh? "
"Mmhm, " he said, stepping towards me. He brought his hand up and with a finger traced the line of my cheek down to my chin. I shook him off and stepped back.

"Ah, donít you remember? " he asked. "Back when you were a teenager? You never gave me a name so I had to pick one myself, but you and I had some pretty good times if I remember rightly. "
He grabbed my arms again. I tried to wriggle out of his grip, but there was no point. He looked me in the eyes. "Remember? "

"OK, OK I remember, " I admitted, finally. Itís not something Iím proud of. Probably the result of reading my Dadís stash of James Bond books at a formative age. My big teen fantasy was of somebody just like Alex, rough and brutal, yet charming and sexy, straight out of any womenís romance novel, coming in and dominating me, doing exactly what I wanted but couldnít say. Of course I left that all way behind since I became all feminist and realised how much more fun it is to fuck with those gender stereotypes. But here he was, back to haunt me.

"So what are you here for? " I asked. "I didnít do anything to you. "
Alex seemed momentarily thrown, but he regained control quickly. "They needed someone to help them so I came along for the ride, " he explained.

I raised an eyebrow, letting him know I didnít buy it for a second. There was something more to all this but I just couldnít figure it.
Flustered again he turned towards the other two, still pinning my arms to my sides. "Letís get this started then, " he said.

"Wh... what are we going to do? " Jonathan asked.
Tony smiled. "Exactly what she did to us. " I really regretted having given him such a sadistic streak.
"Oh, OK. " Jonathan sounded uncertain. "So what did she do to you? "
Tony flushed. "You first, " he said.
Jonathan looked at the floor. "No you. "
Tony shook his head.
I raised my eyebrows at Alex again. "I can see youíve really thought this through. "

"For godís sake, " Alex snapped at the other two. "This is pathetic. Come on Tony, what did she do to you? "
"Um, well. I mean... "
"Quit fucking around and tell me. " Alex was really getting pissed off.
"OK. OK. " Tony stuck his chin out, trying to be matter of fact. "Well, she made out like Iíd got the upper hand, but then she handcuffed me and um, she hit me across the face, and then..." his voice dropped "she whipped me. "

I snorted. "Donít forget I made you count the strokes. That was the best part. "
Tony glared at me.
Alex said "right then, so we can do that. What about you Sparky? " he turned to Jonathan. "Kind of the same, " Jonathan muttered, refusing to meet my gaze.

"Kind of the same, " I mimicked. "Why donít you tell them sweety, youíre a big brave boy arenít you? "
Alex increased the pressure on my arms. "Shut up you. Youíre only making things worse for yourself. "
I rolled my eyes at him. He yanked my arms back behind me hard so I winced.
"Whatís she on about? " he asked Jonathan.
Jonathan hung his head.

"Oh for pities sake. " Alex turned back to me. Keeping his hold on my wrists with one hand, he grabbed my chin in the other and tilted my head back painfully. "What did you do to him? "
"After I whipped him I fucked him up the arse with a strap-on. " I grinned. It had the desired effect. Jonathan went bright red and even Alex looked taken aback.

Tony snapped at me "I donít know what youíre smiling about. We told you whatever you did to us weíre going to do to you. "
"Mm, " I agreed. "I guess youíre right, you probably would need to wear a strap-on, I donít remember making you particularly well-endowed. "

At that he came over and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back still further. He whispered menacingly in my ear, "this is serious. "
I replied, "oh did I touch a nerve? You jealous I didnít do that to you too? "
He gave my hair another yank and I cried out. He continued, "the more of a smart-arse you are, the more youíre going to suffer. "

I felt the fear return. What the fuck was I doing? I was still in real danger here. Alex was still in front of me, holding my hands behind my back and now Tony was right behind me, closing me in.

"Anyway, " Tony said in his normal voice again. "It wonít be me doing that to you, itíll be Jonathan coz you did it to him. "
I tried to stifle the laugh, but it spluttered out anyway.
"What? " Tony demanded.
"Iím sorry, " I tried to back-track, "I just donít think thatís really Jonathanís bag, is it sweety? " I asked him over Alexís shoulder.
Jonathan did a good attempt at defiant, but it wasnít fooling me for a second.

Alex said "enough discussion. Letís get on with this. Jonathan, come and help Tony hold her still. "

Jonathan came over, still looking embarrassed, and he and Tony took one of my arms each. Alex stepped back and looked me in the eye, the lopsided smile back on his face. "OK, " he said. "Strip her down to her underwear. "

"No. " I yelled. But it didnít make any difference. Tony wrestled me to the ground and Jonathan pulled off my coat. I kicked and punched out with my hands, but Jonathan gripped my arms behind my back, and Tony held my legs still while Alex yanked off my trainers and socks. I screamed and tossed my head back, attempting to hit one of them, desperately trying to wriggle out of their grasp. They were all breathing fast from the exertion, but there was no way I could escape. Alex rolled me on to my front and sat on top of me, pinning my arms beneath me. The other two pulled off my jeans. Then Alex hauled me to my feet.

I stood there in my shirt and knickers, panting. Jonathan and Tony held my arms behind my back again hard.

"See, " said Alex. "Thereís really nothing you can do. " I glared at him.
"Oh no, " he said. "I think itís about time you started showing us a little more respect. "
"Yeah, " agreed Tony.

Alex continued. "What happens next is going to be painful and humiliating for you. But you do get some say in exactly how painful and humiliating. You start behaving properly now and we might just go a little easier. What do you say? "
I knew he had me. I nodded slowly. "OK. "
"Good, " he beamed. "Let her go guys. "

They dropped my arms, and I staggered forwards as they released their grip. I stood up straight, massaging the places where their fingers had pinched my flesh. They all came around to stand in front of me.

"Now take off your shirt, " Alex said. "Slowly. "
I started to protest but he cut me off. "Remember what I said. "
I sighed and reached my fingers up to the top button of the shirt. I fumbled with the fastenings as I undid first one, then the next.

"Slower, " Jonathan said gleefully. I shot him a withering look.
Alex tutted at me. "That wasnít very respectful. I think you should apologise to Jonathan. "
I grimaced but managed "sorry" through gritted teeth.
"Nicely, " Alex grinned.

I took a deep breath and looked Jonathan in the eye, trying to eliminate all sarcasm from my voice.
"Iím very sorry for looking at you like that. I promise Iíll be more respectful in future. "

He beamed at me. I made myself a promise that heíd pay for that later if I got half a chance.

My clumsy fingers continued until all the buttons were undone. Alex gestured for me to take the shirt off and I shrugged out of it, crossing my arms across my body when I was done. All I had on were my black strapless bra and knickers.

All three men looked at me hungrily. I prayed they wouldnít tell me to take off any more. I already felt so vulnerable.

Alex said "OK, lets tie her up. Whoís got the rope? " I shivered. If they tied me up Iíd have no chance of escape.
Tony took off his coat, pulling a length of chord out of the pocket and then throwing the coat on the floor. "Put your hands in front of you and open them, " he ordered me.

I did so. He came over and inspected them carefully. Oh right. I remembered the woman in my story hid a knife in her palm. Unfortunately I wasnít a secret agent like her. I had no such tricks up my sleeve. I didnít even have sleeves any more.

Tony seemed satisfied. "Go over to that pillar, " he commanded. I walked over to the vertical beam in the middle of the room that he was gesturing to, aware of three pairs of eyes on my back and arse.

"Turn around with your back to it, " Tony said. As I did so he came over to me and yanked my hands behind the pillar, binding them together tightly. He tested his knots. "Itís firm, " he told the others. "Sheís not getting out of that. "
The other two came over, regarding me. "Not so feisty now, " Alex commented. He was enjoying this all way too much for my liking.

Tony stood in front of me, taking in every millimetre of my body. I squirmed under his examination. Finally he came in close, leant in and kissed me hard on the mouth, invading me with his tongue and bruising my lips. At the end of the kiss he took my bottom lip into his own mouth and bit down on it so I whimpered. Then he backed away again. I gasped for breath. I could feel the fear on my face as I looked at him. He smiled. "Thatís just the beginning, " he said.
"Your turn, " Tony said to Jonathan. "Take her bra off. "

Jonathan came over and leant in close, putting his hands behind my back and fumbling with the fastening. He kept his gaze down on my breasts as he did so, not looking at my face.
"Hey, " I whispered to him softly. He raised his head and met my eyes, his were dark with desire and heavy-lidded. I leant forward as much as I could and let my lips brush his in a gentle kiss. Despite himself he reciprocated for a moment, closing his eyes and leaning in towards me. Then he realised what was happening and he backed off, holding my bra in his hand. He glanced down at my exposed breasts. I could feel that my nipples were erect. He looked back at my face, stunned. I smiled wryly and nodded.

"No, no. " Alex interrupted the moment. "Donít take any notice Sparky, sheís just trying to mess with you. "
Jonathan regarded me with suspicion and stepped backwards again. Damn Alex.
Then Alex said, "OK, whoís got the bag of stuff? "
Tony and Jonathan looked at each other questioningly.
Exasperation crossed Alexís face. "Come on, surely one of you brought it in from the car? "
They shrugged.
Alex said "Tony? Youíre the one with all the kit. "
"Sorry mate, I mustíve forgot it what with her escaping and everything. I think itís under the front seat. "
I remembered the bag of toys Tony had produced in my story about him. That must be what they were talking about.

"Well go get it then, " Alex snapped impatiently. Tony looked embarrassed. He grabbed up his coat from the floor and went to the door, pulling back the bolt. Before he left the barn he turned and said plaintively "donít start without me. "
Alex raised his eyes heaven-wards. "Of course not. It wonít do her any harm to wait for a while and think about whatís coming to her. "

Now the door was open. I gazed at it desperately, wishing I wasnít tethered so that I could make a break for it. Then I noticed something on the floor where Tonyís coat had been: a glint of metal. The keys must have fallen out of his pocket when he threw the coat on the floor. He wouldnít be able to open the car.
I tried to calculate in my head how far away the car had been. The walk here had felt like a good ten minutes; possibly time enough for me to wriggle out of these knots.

I waited for a few minutes to let Tony get a fair way away. Alex stood by the door in silence looking relaxed, whilst Jonathan stood shuffling his feet awkwardly in the quiet. Finally I turned my face towards Alex. "You really should have got some more competent people to help you our here. " I said.

"Shut up, " he replied. Then frowned. "What are you talking about? " I nodded at the floor and he spotted the keys where they lay half hidden by some old rags.
"Fuck, " he spat, striding over and snatching them up.

"If you want something done..." I murmured. But he was already half-way towards the door. He turned to Jonathan. "Iím locking you in, " he said. Then his eyes blazed at me. "No funny business, " he said. "Right? "
"Right, " I murmured, all supplication.
Alex left the barn. I heard the key turn in the lock behind him. As soon as he was gone I turned to Jonathan. "Well then, " I said. "Alone at last. "

To be continued...

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