Last night, lover, your lovers came to me.
They said they knew all they needed to know from everything you'd said.
They were grinning complicitly in my bedroom doorway and they wouldn't go away.

I sat up in bed; I asked them who'd let them in.
I didn't catch the answer but I caught the light streaming in from the hall into my squinting eyes. Her laugh, distant and mocking. His voice telling me not to try anything fucking stupid.

I had no time; he was sitting on me and holding my arms down. His grip vice-like and unfamiliar his arms trembling, I was too. I looked incredulously into his face and he was grinning madly, evil mad like Jesus he was cross and I hoped I hadn't fucked it up with him, with her, with you.

In the quiet of my bedroom she slipped off her jumper and threw it on my floor, unzipped her jeans and lowered them.
She was wearing black leather tight against her skin.
I'd never seen her look so sharp, so clear, so beautiful.
She began to pace impatiently about the room, looking briskly at all my stuff.

I asked them what they wanted but it was obvious anyway.
He began to pull my t-shirt over my head, perhaps to clarify the situation. I struggled but he was stronger.

She had lit herself a cigarette. I think she said "How ridiculous" at something. Then he climbed off me, pulled me out of bed by my arm. I stumbled on my carpet; the breeze came in coldly through the open door.

He had my pants down in one swift stroke. He stood back. "So that's what you look like"

They were both in front of me now with their arms entwined.
They decided I should place my hands on my head and so I did and the thought of you, lover, was no consolation.
They just stood and looked.

She came she took me in her arms and pressed me close. I smelt the leather she wore and the musky scent of her skin. She was warm, enveloping me. She stroked my head tenderly. She held me very tight. Held me so that I could not lower my hands from my head. She turned me gently round and her breasts pressed against my back.

He was on my bed and he had undone his trousers. He unzipped his cock and was playing idly with it. He said you'd told him how much I liked to suck cock, how good I was.

I didn't know whether to feel ashamed or proud. I'd wanted to show him before, wanted his warmth, maybe in circumstances other than these. A long, long time ago.

He said, in a way you would never say to me "Well, Bitch, get on with it then!" and she guided me down onto the bed, came down with me so she could watch nice and close. She said she had to see how it was done.

He was leaning on his elbow, arched his eyebrow at my arrival. He said "Well?" I parted my lips, I couldn't meet his gaze. I lowered my head and went down.

His cock, semi-erect was cool and salty as I sucked it in.
I felt him lean back on the bed and he sighed, he took a handful of my hair and gripped it to pull me closer. He was hardening and soon he filled my mouth. He was thrusting, soon his thrusts had me gasping for air and gagging.

Where was she now? I couldn't feel her.
The light had changed, my room was very dark. I heard the key in the lock and for a moment I thought she had gone away. But no, as he pulled my head in closer again he was saying her name between his grunts.

A little flare of light somewhere. He was telling her to light all my candles, then they could see what they were doing. He told her to be quick and do it because he was going to come soon. (Do what?) She said "Oh, Jesus Christ". I smelled smoke I think a candle had blown out.

He held my head still as she came to kneel beside me on the bed. My eyes were open but I couldn't make out much, it was just the blur of his fleshy stomach in my face. My head went up and down gently with his breathing.

She got her arm hooked round my waist and hoisted me up so I was kneeling, whilst his hands kept my head firmly down on his cock. She got my legs apart with some effort and she slapped my inner thigh. "Come on Bitch, you're not helping!"

I shuffled into the position she was directing me with my knees as wide apart as I could get them. Her hand came between my legs, past my pussy and stroked my stomach.
Then she drew it back just lightly touching me.

Her hand told me of conversations you and she must have had while it moved almost as if you were guiding it. Some pressure here then lightly again, a finger probing and tapping.

I grew shamelessly wet for her and I felt that any minute she would thrust her hand or a dildo inside me. This I was prepared for, her fingers searching me more insistently. "Yes," she was saying, "Yes, that's IT"

This was his cue. He started to move his cock in my mouth again. Only now she was helping. They both held my head down and he rammed himself into me. My pussy shuddered and I was not allowed to come, could not make myself do so without the hand she had taken away.

I was squealing in desperate protest but was soon silenced as he shot sweet hot cum into my mouth and I swallowed all of it.
I collapsed, panting and gasping as he withdrew.
Damn him, damn her, damn you.

They let me rest. Not for long.
She opened my toy drawer and rummaged through it, held up my strap-on dildo for him to see. She looked pleased. I wondered if I'd have to suck her off as well.

A hand across my eyes and another across my mouth stopped me seeing and stopped me asking, not that I dared. Something was slid up my leg and tightened across my hips. A hand under my bum shifted me up for a second. The harness was on me, they put my hand on the dildo so I could feel it.

"You can look now" came her sing-song voice and there she was in the candlelight, a precious present now revealed. She was naked like me now, her breasts fuller and heavier than mine. She knelt astride my legs and stroked my cheek with her finger.

She said she hoped I was going to fuck her good.
She moved up and parted her pussy lips, hitched herself up and sank herself down onto the dildo. Her eyes closed with the enjoyment of being filled. Quiet now, whispering now, "Fuck me…" and she rocked a little showing me what to do.

I thrust my hips upwards and this was what she wanted so I put all my effort into it, striving to find the energy from somewhere. She made encouraging noises and she licked her lips, she wanted it harder and faster.

I paused once because I felt I couldn't go on, my hesitation was met with a stinging rap from some implement he held that landed across my arm. I yelped and he hit me once more in the same place. I recommenced my thrusting.

He was telling me that any let up and he'd hit me again. If I stopped he'd beat me, if I slowed he'd beat me, if she didn't like the way I was doing it he'd beat me - and then perhaps he'd just beat me anyway for the fun of it.

She said he should do the latter, to be her guest, go on and beat the little bitch. But to me she said sweet things like I was her angel and her darling.

His blows rained down on my legs, my arms and anywhere else he could reach. She did not seem to mind when she accidentally got hit as well. He stung me and her gentle words (said ever more urgently) came down to soothe me.

She cried out when she came. She got off the dildo quickly; she said she was always sensitive afterwards.

Last night, lover, I lay still between your lovers and they watched me close and talked in whispers and maybe they caressed each other as they called me their precious one.

My tasks done and she and he both satisfied, I felt sleep coming upon me again. I was sinking into the sheets, warmed by their body heat.

"Lie very still now," she said, "You don't have to do anything."

I'd flung my hands above my head and now they seemed weighed down on the pillow.
"I'm going to sleep," I told them

"Yes, of course"

I closed my eyes and so did not see exactly which of your lovers pulled my legs up at the knee and parted them. A hand slapped my exposed pussy lightly, then harder. I jerked and moaned.

"Keep very still. Don't react."
I tried to make myself into a statue. Some naked woman of stone flung decoratively alongside the steps of a grand building.

This was not easy with one of their hands massaging me in firm circles, the hand then turning into a fist that pushed my labia apart then fingers spreading out and filling me, taking a greedy handful of me.

Some statue. I could not stop twitching against this onslaught. A hand came down across my mouth to stop me crying out.
They wanted me still, I would have to try.

The hand pushing into me began pumping roughly.

Any second now I would come. I looked up at the ceiling and saw the light from car headlights sweeping across in an arc. Then I was exploding, coming, screaming.

The hand at my mouth was released and was holding me down instead.

I screamed out your name.

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