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Proserpina's Mathomhouse
Some fiction here, along with stuff about Wicca.

Mortice Deadlock
Perve stories along with lots (and we're talking huge lots) of kinky pictures.

Helen Louise's site
has some fiction and other things

Sgloomi City
Dave's site is where my stories were first on the web. His own writing here plus recipes and bits of fun that are worth a look.

Purple Rabbits' page at the Flying Island
Fiction and articles


Sexuality and Disability
News and reviews for the UK fetish community, written by people in the UK fetish community


Sophia's lurking place
Musings on SM, wine, poly, bisexuality and ruins from the Countess Sophia.

Jake the Rake
Polyamorous bisexual cartoon strip by Marcus.

Links to more Marcus stuff here
Online photo gallery.
Online photo gallery.
Graphic design, web design and digital art

SM Bis
"SM Bisexuals is a UK-based group targeted at, but not exclusively for, bisexuals into all aspects of BDSM."

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