As the cold band of rubber tape pressed against her forehead and wound around her eyes, blocking off her sight, Gaynor visualised how Jenni had looked when she had been undergoing the same procedure an hour previously.

They had been in the conservatory and Jenni had been made to kneel on the harsh, white stone floor. She had glanced nervously up out of the vast windows and into the garden despite assurances that the hedge and wall blocked off the garden and hence any view inside from anyone's sight. Her brown eyes had seemed huge and puppy-like as she had looked at Gaynor with what seemed a mixture of mute last-minute appeal and warning "this will happen to you as well, bitch, so don't look at me so superior."

Gaynor had looked down immediately and when she looked back the width of pink tape was already secure around Jenni's head, glistening against the soft, brown skin of her face and marking her no longer as quite a person, more a plaything, a toy. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, the flogging had been done and a series of lash marks patterned her shoulder blades down to her arse like a badly torn red fishnet.

No, Jenni had merited that look of defiance. Where despite yells of protest Jenni had gone ahead bravely with taking punishments and shown unashamedly the tears that accompanied her terror when she neared her limits and pushed them - Gaynor had always been jumpy at the first hurdle. 'The world's worst submissive' - she reminded herself of her self-chosen title.

"So long as you don't keep trying to live up to it!" she'd been told.

Her vision of the kneeling and, for the time being, compliant Jenni shrunk away and left Gaynor with only a dark blankness to look at. In a while her other senses would heighten and adjust and till then there would be some mild feelings of panic as people moved around her and she wasn't sure where they were. To a point, she knew what to expect. What she didn't know was what would happen next, what would happen later. Darla and Kimi had been planning this scene for a while, dragging out her anticipation with whispered conversations that trailed into giggles when she came in the room and open threats and teasing when either of them was playing with her like "just you wait, slut girl" - entirely non-specific but sounding like it would be something big.

She had thought until this morning that the scene would probably concentrate on her and that Jenni was going to dust off her switch skills so she'd have all three of them torturing her. But then it had been torturing Jenni this way and torturing Jenni that way so she could only watch, undirected and standing like a spare part, wondering when they'd eventually do anything to her and would it be as heavy when it happened as what they were putting Jenni through.

Kimi's voice cut through her thoughts.

"You stay there now while I fetch some things. Darla is here to look after you."

There was no menace. She felt secure but wanting to show willing to obey. She reminded herself of the correct conduct - Don't speak unless spoken to (or to safe word), do what they tell you to do, keep yourself absolutely still unless they tell you to move. Jenni never did any of those things - she was a wriggler and a pouter, but then Gaynor remembered that it wasn't a competition. Darla and Kimi didn't yell at Jenni out of any real anger when she misbehaved, she liked playing up and they liked making her suffer for it. In the same way Kimi's gentleness and the gradual build up were because that was what Gaynor needed if she was to be able to play at all and not jump up and run away screaming.

If she held her breath and listened hard, she could hear Darla moving ever so slightly in her chair. This helped her mark the time but did not make waiting any less of an ordeal. When Kimi came back with a cough to announce her presence and placed her hands gently on Gaynor's bowed head, she could almost have cried with relief.

"Up you get little novice slut," said Kimi cheerily, "Let's go see Jenni again."

Her legs complained at having to stand from kneeling - a surge of blood tingling to her toes. Flanked by the two top women she walked unsteadily, through the doorway and out of the room as she deduced when Kimi and Darla came closer to her for a moment. She heard Jenni's voice yelling abuse from the next room "Bitches! Leaving me alone!" (they'd been within earshot and Jenni knew that) and then, when she heard them come in, "Gaynor, baby is that you? Have they captured you too, darling?"

Either Kimi or Darla darted from her side to stop Jenni with a sharp slap, which made her wail and another one, harder, which did shut her up for the time being. As Gaynor was guided down to sitting on a cushion on the floor there were more reprimands for Jenni - "Get that fucking tongue back in your head!" "Off your knees and sit now, girl. What?! Don't you try to kick me you little.." SLAP!

Gaynor was hauled to lean against Jenni's back. Jenni's hands must be tied in front of her now because they were skin to skin and the rough crop of Jenni's hair nuzzled Gaynor's bare neck. Jenni struggled less to accommodate Gaynor.

"Raise your hands, novice"

Gaynor did so and had her wrists captured in Darla's grasp. She felt the rope being expertly wound round them and between her palms. "We have to do this, honey," soothed Darla, "for your own good so you don't hurt yourself more than we'd want you to be hurt." She tested the bonds once they were on. There was some give but not enough to struggle out. A word would release them - if she needed it she hoped she'd be able to find it. Kimi had said Gaynor's alternative safe word was a certain pitch of scream but Darla would press her for the genuine one in such instances - there had been some argument.

They gave her a while to adjust to being tied. She was comfortable at the moment, leaning against Jenni and with her buttocks protected from the chafing carpet by the cushion. She wondered if Jenni had a cushion - she couldn't tell, for all she knew they were making her sit on spikes.

The safety she sought in wondering about details of the current set up was short lived. Something was happening. Something was happening too quickly. A sharp and chemical smell started faintly somewhere behind her and became more noticeable and recognisable till she felt a cold wetness stroking along her arms. The smell was from the surgical spirit stuff on the swabs. She felt a surge of panic. She had only been pierced twice and the second time she had had to suppress a fit of hysterics as soon as the packet had been opened and she had associated the smell with the pain.

She waited for Kimi or Darla to say something to comfort her, to attempt to soothe her into it. "You know how we've been threatening to tie you girls together? Well, we're going to do that now and you bitches are going to have to keep really, really still and behave to let us do it."

A hand on Jenni's shoulder, gripping but the fingers brushing Gaynor's back as Kimi said "It'll be a problem for you, noisy bitch slut, because you can never keep still - I have to hold you down half the time."

And then Darla leaning into her face and saying with some mischief "As for you, novice, you're going to take something harder for us today. Just you be honoured that we've decided you're ready."

There was no waiting. Gaynor heard the snap of the hypodermic cover being opened. She wanted to be first, to get the first surge of sharp and deeply personal pain over and done with. But it was Jenni first, who was told to breathe in and out to build up to the needle's first bite, who gave an affected yell but to whom that first stab was probably nothing.

A split-second later and Gaynor's skin was pinched. A tiny area at the top of her arm became the focus of her whole self so that she wasn't aware of where her legs, her stomach or her head was - just that part of her arm and what would happen to it all that mattered. Kimi was talking but Gaynor couldn't make out the words that accompanied the initial sting.

She could tell if not quite feel the needle was going through the pinched flap of flesh, like a soft knife through butter. The real pain came at the end when Kimi pushed it back up through her skin and out again. She wanted to yell but suppressed it to a flinch.

That was that done. The first one was through. Kimi's and Darla's voices came back over miles of distance and told her, albeit with a touch of sarcasm, that she was brave.

A pattern set in. Jenni was pierced, then herself. Jenni would yell, Gaynor would give a quiet sob. Gaynor's left arm began to feel as if it was held in a vice. She did not know how many needles had been inserted, she could tell for a while where a new one was when it went in but then it became part of the general throb. When they began on her right arm, she was into the swing of it, leaning almost drunkenly against Jenni whose yells were still there but lacking in enthusiasm now that the endorphins had kicked in. And quieter too were Kimi and Darla, deep in concentration so that the only sounds apart from a quietening Jenni were the discreet little sounds of packets and needles and the occasional whispered instruction to Jenni to breathe.

Gaynor didn't care what happened next. And that was unusual for in a scene. She was to remark later that had they threatened to hang her upside down from the bedroom window in full view of passers by with a pair of knickers in her mouth - she would have made no great protest. So high and careless was she that it took her a while to notice that no one was sticking needles into her any more. She spoke to ask what was happening now and was answered.

"Now we have the holes in, novice, we're lacing the needles up." came Darla's voice, Darla too deep in concentration to sound threatening. Gaynor felt a tickling of hands brushing against her skin, some tightening around the needles in her arms - only a little, it didn't majorly increase the pain. So this was how she and Jenni were going to be tied together.

Calm, and then panic. What if Jenni moved abruptly? What if she moved abruptly? They had to trust each other. It eased her worries slightly that she had seen Jenni keep still when it was absolutely necessary. Jenni had far more to worry about really from herself.

But she had taken it, was taking it. She began to feel proud in a way that hadn't quite happened before when she'd been topped by Darla and Kimi.

"We're done, sluts" announced Kimi, "Now because we're so proud of you, we're going to take off your blindfolds and let you see how pretty you both look."

Gaynor felt them both kneel close. Hands steadied her head and her legs to make sure she remained absolutely still while and after the blindfold was removed. Gaynor shook her fringe out of her eyes where the tape had plastered a strand to her head. The room was light and grey, the room was being replayed to her in flashback. They were sat on the floor in Kimi's room, next to her large wardrobe with the mirrored doors. She looked and made out the shapes of herself and Jenni, back to back. She made out through the apparent monochrome the vibrant red of her own hair. Then she saw that her cheeks were flushed. Then she stretched her head carefully round and saw that Jenni had a lazy smile on her lips. And finally, glistening all down their sides, a fine and glittering web of gold coloured thread that laced them together, crossed over itself again and again in a pattern, pulling on the needles tautly, making them look like some strange art exhibit.

Darla and Kimi helped each other up and they stood so that Jenni and Gaynor could see them in the mirror also. They both smiled down, utterly pleased with the effect they had created and with the current good behaviour of their laced-up slaves.

Gaynor sighed. She looked forward to reliving this in her head, now that the ordeal was done. She did not hope for anything more today and sensed that everybody else's energy was petering out, not just her own.


"Ok, they look fucking fantastic. Get the digital camera and then get the scissors, Darla," said Kimi, "as soon as these bitches are cut free and the needles are out I want them on their knees so we can fuck the arses off of both of them."

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